Trump’s Policy — Lunatic On The Steering Wheel

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

Some people state quiveringly how unorthodox the 45th is. Some others point out his lack of decorum both in his tweets and speeches. The resort not to say something instead give credence to anything he utters because they are supremacists. Donald Trump has crushed everything America is built upon, making it no longer a sanctuary for those who seek weal, freedom, and respect. America’s democracy is at stake and Trump, unabashedly, is raging US-constitution.

I was in Paris in the 2017 presidential election. After winning the race, there was an open-air concert by the president’s Macron’s party. The singer was singing “Englishmen didn’t do well” as I remember. And yes, that was what happened in those days. Donald J. Trump settled in the White House in 2016 and the UK voted to abolish its ties with the EU.

Four years after, I am looking back sighing deeply on the miseries the world suffered from this very rouge supremacist in chief. There is one thing that makes me keep my hopes: Democracy has ups and downs, democracy brings up failures sometimes, but it works! What we witnessed in the 2016 US-Elections was flaws of democracy and we were all believing in its ability to correct itself.

Photo by Bravo Prince on Unsplash




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Davood Falahati

Davood Falahati

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